Shame on Fauzia Wahab

Mrs. Fauzia Wahab

PPP leadership is now giving highly irresponsible statements. Federal minister Fauzia Wahab is emerging as a tout of US government. She has issued a real stupid statement today, in which she stated that the arrested US killer Raymond Davis has the amenity against the judicial trials. She also added that Pakistani arrested citizen Dr. Aafia has been treated according to law. She has issued this statement when Federal minister for the minorities Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti has been assassinated today in Islamabad, just because he had supported the verdict of Mr. Salman Taseer for speaking against the “Tauheen-e-risalat” law.

I now fear that such statement of Fauzia Wahab can ignite Taliban or some other fanatic religious group who can take any step against her as they have done with Governor Taseer and Mr. Bhatti before. She must think before speaking. Such a statement against Dr. Aafia will never be welcomed anywhere in Pakistan. She needs our moral support and if some government official issues such stupid statement it will weaken our point of view further.


One comment

  1. she is now in critical condition in hospital, she have been injected 20 over blood bottles and now her body is much badly damaged by nature … its called punishment from ALLAH

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