Great Aussie volunteers rush to help New Zealanders

Christchurch after the worst earthquake

Yesterday (22 Feb 2011) New Zealand city Christchurch experienced the worst earthquake having an intensity of 6.3 on the Richter Scale. As per the latest news 75 people lost their lives as a large number of buildings collapsed down. CBD of the city has almost totally collapsed.

I really feel proud for being an Australian Permanent Resident. Although Aussies have just experienced the worst flooding in Queensland, and government is still in efforts to bring the state, especially the capital Brisbane in a better condition, 300 Aussies today presented themselves as volunteers for taking part in the rescue and rehabilitation services in New Zealand. A good number of surgeons and nurses also left for New Zealand for helping the affected residents there. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott expressed grief over the loss and declared New Zealanders as their family members. Parliament observed 1 minute pause in its proceedings to show sympathy to the New Zealanders.

I wish that our Pakistani people may also start thinking for helping out the people in problem, and emerge out as volunteers in case of any unpredicted calamity.


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