Imran Khan announces revolutionary long march

Imran Khan - Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Imran Khan is emerging as a true leader of Pakistani nation. Wikileaks also have declared Imran as a clean person, who has never been under the influence of USA. He has recently announced that he would be starting a revolution against the present government to bring Pakistani nation out of the ongoing crisis.

We welcome him and wish him and Pakistanis a very good luck. Imran has always proved himself a sincere person. He has set up a state-of-art cancer hospital with research centre. Recently he has also established a private university in Southern Punjab. Imran is going to launch the long march very soon. he compares the planned revolution with the one in Egypt that proved a base for the resignation of President Husni Mubarik, who was the real dictator in the history of Egypt.

Pakistani nation is very hopeful from Imran Khan for leading them in the future. We request nation to join him in his revolutionary long march.


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