People using GPS and Google maps in developed countries

Google Maps

Dear Viewers, as you know I belong to Pakistan, one of the most grooming country in the field of telecommunications. We have many mobile phone operatorts with attractive packages and bla bla….. However unfortunately we are not using our talents in using the current Google and GPS applications the way people are using them in the develoepd countries. In Australia I am really surprised to see the way people make use of Google Maps and GPS on I-Phone 4G and other GPS compatible mobile phones.

The railway and bus authorities have provided their websites with trip-planner aided tools. You just enter any address in Australia from where you want to depart, your desired address of arrival and the time of your planned journey. You will get not only all information, but at the same time the map with the marked directions and approximate time required to reach the destination.

Google has developed 360 deg. view system for countries like Australia, UK and USA. You can see all areas around a point in the map. So you reach the area virtually. GPS software applications in cell phones provide you with maps (pointing your location with movement) and information about the important landmarks and other features (like petrol stations, hospitals, markets etc.) nearby. I am delighted that life has become so easy in these countries. However I strongly wish that our Pakistani people be also introduced with such technologies so that our very talented youth can be involved in the deisgning of such software applications and maps, which will not only be helpful for their country fellows but at the same time provide them with the opportunity to use their skills in the development of Pakistan and elimination of poverty. I am hopeful that such things will bring a great wave of change in Pakistan.


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