US citizen killed 3 Pakistanis in Lahore – Pakistan

Lahore - the heart of Pakistan

Just two days back a strange yet sad incident took place in Lahore. An American man (who claims to be a US consulate official) drove his to the Mazang Chungi area on Jail road Lahore. He was carrying a pistol with him. As per present security laws, no foreign official is allowed to roam in civil areas without informing the Government law enforcing agencies. The man named as Reymon Davis opened up fire on two motorcyclist Pakistanis, who died at the spot. Mr. Davis tried to escape and his car ruined another man, who also lost his life. Then the Police reached the venue and captured the accused.

So called ‘civilised’ US national showed us that how much tolerance these people have for others and how much respect they have for the applicable laws and regulations in other countries. Whole nation is condemning this brutal act and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has assured that just would be brought to the families of the killed men. Mr. Davis has been handed over to the Police by the court for 6 day judicial remand. Sources are reporting that he is not on diplomatic visa, yet on visit visa. Also the  bullets that he used in firing, are not allowed to use anywhere in the world because they give such a damage to the bodypart that even the operation is not possible for the bodypart where they hit.

US Government is trying to arrange diplomatic status for him so that he could be saved. We condemn Mr. Davis’s brutality and demand justice.


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