Sawaira Nadeem – an amazing performer

Sawaira Nadeem - a great actress

Umera Ahmed’s TV serial ‘Qaid-e-tanhai’ (قید تنہائی) is on air these days on Hum TV. Sawaira Nadeem is playing the lead role in this drama. Her name is Aisha in the drama. She is playing role of a separated wife. Faisal Quraishi is playing her husband’s role. Sawaira has proved that she is a superstar. The way she has shown her expressions being a neglected down to earth person, is just wonderful. She has proved that she can fit into role given to her.

The drama is getting popular day by day and the number of Sawaira’s fans is increasing very rapidly. Umera Ahmed has full grip on the story and Director Baber Javed has given beutiful direction. We are hopeful that in the coming episodes, we will be able to see some more good performance by Sawaira and her fellow actors.


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