Assassination of Governor Salman Taseer

SalmanTaseer (late)

4th Jan 2011 was a sad day for all Pakistanis. Security man of the Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer opened up fire on Mr. Taseer in F-6, Islamabad, when he had just returned after having lunch with a friend in a restaurant. The Governor died at the spot. The killer handed over himself to the police. He claimed that he killed Mr. Taseer because the later had spoken against the blasphemy law, which defines severe punishment for the persons found involved in the contempt of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Governor was trying to help a Pakistani Christian lady Aasia Bibi who is facing trial in the courts of law in a blasphemy case. He was of the opininion that her opponents are misuing this law against her just for personal grudges. Allah knows the best, however religious community was unhappy from Governor Taseer due to his unnucessary involvement in this case. Governor also termed this law as a ‘black law’, which ignited the religious community. As Pakistani I feel sad on what happened. It shows that our judicial system is so weak that we cannot wait for the justice and start killing the people at our own. Allah show us the true path. Amin!


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  1. Islaam is the name of peace not only for its own followers but also for the rest of entire religious communities, islaam teaches us to respect all of the religions which exist in the entire World, it must be cleared that when we do something against of the Nature we get lost, History has a lots of evidences.
    For instance (Firoun,Namrood ,Haaman,shaddad) who were claiming themselves as a GOD could not survive as per their desired life, A brutal death caught them at the stage where no one they found for their help

    Alas! A man wanted to eradicate a system a constitution of divine decision as per his own given name of BLACK LAW he himself is not existed any more

    Inna lillaahee wa inna ilaihee raaji’oon

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