E-Tag comes to Pakistan

M-2 Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad)

I have recently returned to Pakistan from UAE. Few days back, I was discussing with a friend in Lahore about the electronic toll paying system in Dubai, known as Salik. I was telling him that how this system saves time and the electronic chip attached to the wind screen of vehicle is read by the scanners on toll gates. My friend added to my knowledge that same system now exists in Pakistan.

This system is intoroduced on the Motorway where you can avoid long waiting lines for paying the toll tax by attaching E-tag sticker to the wind screen of your vehicle. The technology is known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). The amount deposited in your account is deducted according to the length of your journey. I am really pleased to know about this development in Pakistan. Insha Allah soon more and more development will come to the country and one day we will be out of this bad phase.



  1. well,a few hours before,i travelled to Lahore From Gujranwala. I was sitting in a car which has an E_toll chip displayed on the front wind screen.My cousin was driving the car And didn’t stopped his car on the toll booth and neither paid any money! i was astonished and i very curiously asked him that why didn’t you atopped at the Booth to pay the Money? He smiled and told me all the Details about E_Tag!
    i became very happy to know that it is a new tech. introduced in our country with the collaboration of NADRA!

  2. Sorry I don’t have details as I live in Australia. You can check by calling NHA.

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