Musharraf responsible for Dr. Aafia’s arresting

At last US court declared Dr. Aafia as a criminal lady, and announced 86 year imprisonment for the Pakistani Muslim lady, who is mother of 3 innocent children…

Our Pakistani government failed in doing anything for this innocent daughter of nation, who was kidnapped from Karachi on Gen. (r) Musharraf’s orders, who was the President and Army Chief at that time. Dr. Aafia is a PhD from MIT, USA, which is one of the most prestegious universities in the worls. As per US allegations, she was taken into custody in Afghanistan where she had opened fire on US soldiers. The questions arises that weather she was a mad person who would go to Afghanistan with her kids…. It is a proof that she was kidnapped from Karachi and handed over to US in Afghanistan.

A converted Muslim Britisher Mariam Yuwan Ridley brought up her matter about 3 years back, when she held a press conference with Imran Khan in Pakistan that a Pakistani lady was experiencing the inhuman toruture in Guantanamo Bay prison. At that time Pakistani nation came to know about this brave lady.

Musharraf held her to US only because she wanted  to serve Pakistan by opening an Islamic research centre in Karachi. Today we pray to ALLAH to give her acquitance from the worst US government. At the same time we raise our hands to Allah for punishing Musharraf and other responsible government officials in such a way that they become sign of horror (عبرت) for Pakistanis.

Allah Hu Akbar!!!


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