Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan?????

Quaid e Azam

August 30, 2010: Pakistan has completed 63 years of its independence. Whole nation celebrated the independence day on 14th August 2010. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah used his great wisdom for fulfilling the dream of Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal for establishing an independent state for the Muslims of Indo-Pak subcontinent.

The great Jinnah had dreamed very high for the Pakistani nation. We unfortunately have shattered his dreams. If he was alive today, he would have died of the severe depression. Today we are a country of more than 175 million people, but are not a nation. We have divided ourselves into various groups and sects based on our religious, linguistic, racial and economic faiths.

Just two decades back, Pakistan was a country where festivals were held in which people from all the provinces used to participate together. National Horse and Cattle Show was a great festival of such type. People used to show harmony during Muharram. Live music concerts and puppet theatre festivals were organised. A large number of foreign visiters used to visit Pakistan for spending their vacation in Murree, Nathiagali, Swat, Giligit, Hunza and many more places. Lahore hosted 1990 Hockey World Cup. Pakistan hosted two Cricket World Cups with India and Sri Lank.

Vital Signs, Nazia, Zoheb, Abrar Ul Haq, Hamid Ali Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Strings and Junoon were our ambassadors in India and other countries. Imran Khan made the first cancer hospital in the country just with the help of Pakistanis….


No one is ready to visit Pakistan. Even the expatriate Pakistanis don’t want to return for good. US President visits India and moves in the fields with the poor farmers. When he visits Pakistan, he stays in the US embassy and uses helicopter for his movement. Our guest Sri Lankan Cricket Team is attacked by the terrorists. General Musharraf kills innocent kids and women in Bajourr and Islamabad just for the sake of money. Our furious people have lost patience and start burning and torturing accused (sometime innocent) youngsters till their death as they did in Sialkot recently. Our Cricket players are involved in betting. We are an atomic power, yet we fear from everyone. US drone planes are attacking  our motherland and we just give silent response. Our students are treated badly in UK without any solid evidence against them, but we still want to study and work there.

World is not willing to help us during the worst floods in the country. The reason is that nobody is going to trust our government and they think that the collected funds would not be utilised honestly. This is the worst situation. In these floods, the shopkeepers have increased the prices of food items and medicines four to five times in the affected areas. It means that they are not bothered of the pathetic situation going around their country fellows…. Masha Allah! What a passion!!!!!

Even in this grave situation target killing is continued in Karachi, where people are being killed for their religious and ethnic backgrounds. In Balochistan, Punjabis are being tortured and murdered just because of their Punjabi addresses on ID cards. I am sorry to write that if this situation continues further, stability of the country will be endangered and even the existence of our motherland can be finished on the map of world. We must be honest and positive for saving this drowning ship. We have to become one NATION which was  a dream of our great founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We have to tell the world that we are ONE and no one can apart us. ALLAH GIVE US STRENGTH AND COURAGE. Amin!



  1. you have drawn the real picture of today’s Pakistan. We all need to wake up now.

  2. Allah bless upon us
    The Nation of Pakistan is sleeping. No awareness and feelings remain alive to make us realize that we have fallen in the depth of demoralized culture and society which has no respect and no room in the entire WORLD.

    Just dead Nation in the existing WORLD, I am also a role and the part of sinking Pakistan, I have nothing to say except:

    Khudaa ne aaj tak uss qaum kee Haalat naheeN badlee
    nah ho jis Khayaal aap apnee Haalat ke badalne kaa

    Ismail Ajaz Khayaal

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