Killing of two innocent young brothers in Sialkot

Pakistanis do such acts that even the humanity shivers down and feels embarassed. I have no words to express my feelings after reading the news of brutal killing of two young brothers Hafiz Mughees and Muneeb (aged 19 and 15 respectively) in Sialkot by the so-called Muslim group of most ignorant (جاہل) people. Even the Police took part in beating them with sticks till their death. کسی کو بھی رحم نہیں آیا. Although it is the holy month of Ramadan. Later their deadbodies were hanged downwards. Is this the teaching of Islam? What are we telling the world????

The boys were going to play cricket. Unfortunately, they reached an area where some decoits had robbed the people. The angry people had gathered for protesting. There were some boys in that group who had some grudges with the brothers over a negligible issue. Those boys started saying that Mughees and Muneeb were the decoits. The angry crowd immediately caught them and tied their hands. Later they started beating them with sticks. They hit them so hardly that both lost their lives. Police and 1122 rescuers took part in this act of brutality. Incident took place on 15th August 2010.

Someone from media recorded the video and uploaded it on Youtube. From there the Supreme Court of Pakistan took somoto action and now the whole Paksistani government has waken up. Culprits are recognised easily in the video. Police has also arrested many of them. Police officials involved are also being taken into the custody.

The question is that whatever the court and government do now, can they bring those noble souls back? Who is responsible for this most brutal violence in the history of Pakistan? Was this country created for such actions? Allah is definitely very much ANGRY with us. He is punishing us by the worst floods. اگر ہم اب بھی نہ سمجھے اور سنبھلے تو تباہ ہو جائیں گے. I request all Pakistanis to come out against this act and demand open hanging of the culprits.



  1. Bohat acha likha ap ne. jitney bhe log is gunah may, in masoom bucho ko qatul kurney k hurm may shareek they, sbko aisi ibrut naak saza deni chahye, in junglio ko , in k jese he jungli kuttey k agay daal dena chhaye takey wo noch noch kur inko khaye. Government ko agr qatilo ko pakarna hota to wo forun pakar skti the, sub log identify hogaye hein video may, ye koi msuhkil kaam nahe hey, agr qaatil bhag gaya hey to police kya ghr may bethney ki job krti hey ? sub k dil mar gaye hein kya ? aray tumharey agay bhe tumhari family hey, tumharey buchey hein , koye unko is tarah maar dey to? InshaALLAH ALLAH PAK ka azaab to ayega zaalimo pur. bus waqt aney wala hay.becharey 2 bhai ko maar dya, aisey buchey jinho ne kuch nai kia tha.laanut hey aisey logo pur, tezzab may daal dena chahye aisey log ko, inko aisa saza deney ki appeal ki jaye k sari dunya yaad rukhey.InshaALLAH ALLAH PAK insaaf kurey gey.

  2. Thanks for appreciation. I am afraid that Pakistan is very soon going to have a bloody revolution. Allah be merciful on us. Amin!

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