Pakistan’s 64th Independence day

Long Live Pakistan!

On 14th August 2010, Pakistani nation is celebrating the country’s 64th independence day. 63 years will be completed on this historical date…..

We have to think seriously where we are after such a long time. Have we gained what Quaid and Allama Iqbal had visioned for us? Are we united? Are we self dependent? Have we got Kashmir? Are we able to handle floods, earthquakes and/or droughts? Are we able to define our hidden enemies? Do we have the sincere leadership? Do we have rule of justice? Have we controlled the corruption? Are our children getting the education, milk and medicines without paying for?
Unfortunately, none of us (Pakistanis) can reply these questions in a positive way. Then by just raising the flags and decorating our homes with paper flags we cannot say that we love Pakistan and we have fulfilled the dreams viewed by those who gave their blood in the making of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
We have to come up once again with full devotion of making our motherland a great country in the world. Allah may bless us with unity, vision and courage. Amin!

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