Worst floods in Pakistan and Shahbaz Sharif’s performance

Shahbaz Sharif rescuing a child!!!

Year 2010 has proved really tough for our beloved motherland Pakistan. Country is already facing the worst wave of terrorism since its creation. Fake degrees of the elected parlimentarians, uncontrolled price inflation, worst electricty loadshedding and ever increasing corruption have already made people’s life very difficult. In addition to all these, Pakistan is experiencing the worst floods in its history these days, which have claimed more than 1,000 lives and approximately 3 million people have got affected. Political leaders are just giving statements against each other to show that only they are sincere with the nation. Unfortunately there is hardly any practical action being taken by them. Country’s president Asif Ali Zardari has left for UK in spite of requests made from his fellow politicians for postponing this tour in this critical hour.

Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is the only leader, who has shown his dedication towards helping the needy people affected from the floods. Since day one of the flood’s entry into Punjab, he has been involved in monitoring the rescue works himself. Now yesterday, he put himself in action and rescued a child in a boat. Such leaders lots and lots of appreciation as he has issued a statement that he would not take rest until he completes the ongoing rescue operations. We can just pray to Allah to give such wisdom and humanity to our other leaders as well.


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