Airblue plane crash in Islamabad

Rescue Workers near the remains of the crashed plane

28 July 2010 will be remembered as a sad day in the Pakistani history. Airblue flight from Karachi to Islambad carrying 146 passengers and 6 crew members lost its way due to unknown reasons and the plane hit the Margalla hills. All 152 people, including ladies and children, lost their lives. This made the whole nation sad and dejected. Rescue workers did a great job in spite of the rainy season and collected the scattered remains of the passengers and flight crew members. Pak Army provided its helicopters for shifting the damaged and broken deadbodies to PIMS Hospital Islamabad

Investigations are still underway for finding the real reason of the accident as it is not clear that why the pilot changed the normal flight route and took the aeroplane in an unsafe area. Luckily the black box has been found and it can be predicted that some important clues will be available very soon. Our hearts go out with the families who lost their beloved ones in this very sad incident. May Allah give them the patience to bear this unrecoverable loss. We pray to Allah for being kind with the departed souls. Amin!


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