Fake degree holders are lawmakers in Pakistan!!!

I feel very sorry to say that we as Pakistanis have failed in selecting leaders of our country. Our lawmakers have got votes after telling lies and submitting fake degrees and testiments to the Election Commission of Pakistan. It is the worst thing we can expect from the lawmakers of a country….

Instead of admitting the BLUNDER, the so called parlimentarians started a campaign against the Pakistani media and honourable judiciary who are bring truth to the common men of country. Punjab Assembly passed a resolution against the media with decisive majority. Later, the assembly had to bring another resolution for normalizing the public and media workers who had started protests on passing of such a shameful resolution.

We as Pakistanis have to think now very seriously that weather we have to choose such liers or well-reputed people as our leaders for running the country’s internal and external affairs….The decision will make a history, good or bad!


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