On my brother’s 1st death anniversary

Majid Javed's resting place on 25 June 2010

Every person has to leave this world one day. There are very few lucky persons who are remembered in a very special way after their death. My brother Majid Javed who passed away on 25th of June 2009 was such a special person. We got a very loving response from the people around us on Majid’s first death anniversary. Our friends and relatives visited our home and Majid’s resting place in the DHA graveyard on that day. Two sessions of ‘dua’ were held at our residence due to a large number of visitors. First session was held before ‘Juma’ prayer, while second session was held after the ‘asar’ prayer. His grave was covered with flower sheet, rose petals and 4 bouquets. Two bouquets were sent from Australia from his very special friend. His nephew and neices put a big chart paper and a specially designed card on his grave. Weather remained less hot on that day, which was just amazing…. The sad Dr. Javed’s family is highly obliged to those who joined us through visits, phone calls and Facebook messages.

A special book was printed on this occasion titled as ‘Kahaan Gaya Usay Dhoondo’ which got great appreciation by the visitors. Its copies are being distributed to the closest persons. We once again thank everybody who came to share our grief. Allah may bless Majid with every happiness in his new life, and keep all of you in His mercy and peace. Amin!


on behalf of Dr. Javed’s family


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