Blasphemous material on social websites

FACEBOOK is the most popular social website in the world today. People from allover the world interact through this very useful site. They share their news and pictures with their friends. This website has proved very useful in finding lost friends…

Recently an idiot American cartoonist lady announced that she was going to introduce a competition on this website for drawing caricatures of Hadhrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) who is the last Prophet of Allah. This news created unrest and panic in allover the Muslim community. This act is such a shameful one that not a single good human being will appreciate such dirty actions.

On the other side sites like FACEBOOK must define a policy for their users that their site cannot be used for any blasphemy against the honourable religious figures. We condemn Facebook for taking no action till now.

Muslims proved that they Hadhrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than anyone else in this world…..


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