Baber Ali – A well groomed film star

Baber Ali

Jeeva, the Lollywood film was released in 1994. This Syed Noor movie set new records in the history of Pakistani cinema. Veteran director Syed Noor introduced Baber Ali as a new face in this movie.

Baber won the hearts of cine-goers by his innocent look and natural acting. His performance was appreciated throughout the country. Before release of this movie Baber was known as a TV artist. After getting popularity, he continued his journey successfully and was cast against Reema in a large number of movies. His best performance was at the peek in the movies Jeeva, Chor Machaye Shor, Munda Bigrra Jaye, Deewarain, Herjai, Love 95, Zever, Qarz, Jo Dar Gaya Woh Mar Gaya, Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua and Khoye Ho Tum Kahaan.

Unfortunately Baber could not retain his popularity and success as he suffered due to the overcastting. Now, he is not taken as a hero, but as a villain in the upcoming movies. Baber has innocent and decent looks and such roles don’t suit on his personality. He is also doing some serials on different channels these days as Lollywood industry is facing the worst crisis these days. We wish that our film industry could come up to its high level once again and we can see Baber Ali acting as a hero in the movies.



  1. Shahrukh KHan in his Movies came as Villain and was quite successful. keep your finger crossed for babar ali as villain too, may be it helps him in his come back.

    i think the reason for his downfall was his balled head..

  2. you should to be work hard like indian film stars but pakistani film industry is totally failed to manke any good movie which compet the indian movies and also lake of technlogy

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