We salute Karachiites!!!

Karachi - the city of lights!

Yesterday (5 Feb 2010) was one of the worst days for Karachiites (residents of Karachi). The evil minded terrorists attacked a bus carrying mourners from the Shiite community as they were celebratring the Chehlum of Hadhrat Imam Hussain (R.A). they killed 13 people in this attack including children and women.

The police and medical emergency services reached the occasion and started shfting the deadbodies and injured people to the Jinnah Hospital. The evil minded terrorists did not stop at this and blew up a second bomb in the parking of the hospital. Total death toll rose to 27…… Every single Pakistani felt broken after knowing about these attacks. However people of Karachi stood united against the culprits and did not take any step that could help teh terrorists in starting the religious fight. I salue the Karachiites on their great attitude in this very sad time when it was really difficult to control their sentiments. Insha Allah teh terrorists will be defeated very soon.


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