A question to the entire Nation of Pakistan !!!

kaRe waqt aur pareshaanee ke din haiN

A question to the entire Nation of Pakistan at the commencement of the year of 2010

When we will become a peaceful progressive and civilized representative for entire WORLD by our beloved Pakistan, in order to present our  self recognition? “We should have a constructive thought’s of  personality and bright Pakistan with beneficial attitude of humanity for the entire WORLD,instead of a considered  bad (given) name”.”We must have pity on our wounded bleeding Country which has become 63 years old now , but still  loves us just like a merciful, kind and loving mother and gives us a great shelter of its lovely  cradle”

Ismail Ajaz  (Khayaal)



  1. @ Ismail Ajaz

    Buddy .. it seems to be too late for Pakistan to turn back from the path of destruction , that your military and the ISI has pushed your nation to…….. !

    Many 2010s will come and go, there will be no miracle in Pakistan ……… !

  2. Hi

    Hope is the power for self existence having encouragement and zeal, don’t you see those patients who are declared incurable by the doctors and said that, “they are at their last stage” but by the “miracles” they become better and healthier, “things go well but take time”.

    Just be optimistic, and do prayer, take your part to reform what ever you have responsibilities on your shoulders for the peace n prosperity of great country of Pakistan, do your all of the best just for the solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan, spread peace n love by your own efforts, create a beneficial atmosphere in your surrounding, persuade others to take part for that country which is still own to them without any regret or doubtful speculation.


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