My words for my brother Majid Javed (Urdu)


My words for Majid Javed (My brother)





  1. ho ga’ey Khaak tow hum tak teree aawaaz aa’ee
    zindagee tuu ne baRee der se DhooNDaa hum ko

    Rare people come in our life, those might leave us with their unforgettable feelings, and MAJID was the man who left his own self while he has gone!!!!!

    May Allah bestow him Peace n Heaven (Jannat ul Firdaus)

    maut uskee hai kare jis kaa zamaanah afsos
    yuN tow duniyaa meN sabhee aa’ey haiN marne ke liye

    and Majid was one of them

  2. Its very touchy really touchy
    u made me really sad shahid bhai..may his soul rest in peace..ameen

  3. Allah hamare pakistan pe apna karam frmaiy ap k bhai or bhai jase jitni b is terah shahdat k darjay ko ponchay hain on ko jannat mei jagah ata frmay or ap ko ap k gher walo ko saber ata frmaey Ameen

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