A Filipino embraces Islam in Dubai

Islam - the true religionThese days Western countries are trying their best to tell their citizens that Islam is a religion that supports and teaches terrorism and hatred. However Allah SWT knows the people who seek true guidance. Brother Ismail (former name Nester) is a Filipino working on Dubai Metro. He is a good person by heart and was a Christian by birth. He wanted to devote soem of his time for the religious and opted to become a ‘Brother’ as per Christian belief.

One of his friends had already converted to Islam, and is luckily living in Dubai. He asked Nester to read about Islam for getting peace of mind. When Nester (now Ismail) read different portions of Quran, he immediately found that this was the way he should have adopted….

By the grace of Allah, he embraced Islam last month. We arranged a small party in his honour, where he told us this unforgettable story. It was my first chance when I met a converted Muslim. I was very much amazed and happy after hearing his view. Allah bless him with every success in his coming life. Amin!


One comment

  1. Allah be glorified
    All of the glories, praises , respects ,creations, blessings, fortunes, lucks, successes ,promotions, belong to Allah subHaanahoo wa ta’aalaa ,Who is the MASTER of UNIVERSE, when HE loves some one then He gives ability to find out self assessment ,self evaluations . No one in entire world is successful except who has chosen the right path of living before death which is selected and proposed by Allah rabbul izzat for all of the mankind
    Thousands of thousands congratulation for brother ISMAIL in order to embracing of ISLAAM and request him to remember us forever in his precious prayers

    May Allah bestow us our end by eemaan (aameen)

    Ismail Ajaz khayaal

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