Karachi Fashion Week: A vulgarity promoting event!


Karachi Fashion Week 2009

On one side Pakistani citizens are facing the worst time in the history of Pakistan, whereas on the other side some so-called open minded people are promoting the things that are in contrary with our religious and cultural values.

Lat week, Karachi Fashion Week was organised to show the world that we are not terrified at all. This show introduced the model girls wearing the dresses that required minimum cloths. This show promoted the vulgarity and did not help Pakistani nation in showing some good image of the country to the rest of the world. It would have been much better if we could focus on our traditions. This is the reason that Allah is not happy from us and is not helping us at all. People who are promoting vulgarity in the society must remember that everybody is answerable for their deeds.


One comment

  1. Nothing to say except that……………….
    When entire nation involves in an unforgiving sin bravely then…….things starts going wrong and cross their limits , system of universe goes against of human being, actually man was made for the universe , universe is run by the system, that system is depended upon the activities of human being.
    In short when human being fight against of the nature then nature starts killing humans in the shape of bulk quantity, do you know the reason???????

    Because of people keep shutting their mouth n keep watching those all nonsense which are happened around, must be stopped

    What ever disaster come in the shape of earth quakes ,cyclones or diseases across the world are the result of bad deeds and activities which are done by human being especially by Muslims.

    I request to all of the intellectuals and responsible people of Pakistan who have approaches and powers to stop these vulgarities through out the country should perform their reponsibilities to stop these activities before facing such wrath of Allah which never gives another chance to get survival, history is always remained as a witness of past since this world have gotten its existence

    Ismail Ajaz Khayaal

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