Zardari put PPP in problem….

Pakistan is a country where you can expect anything in politics… THe nation went into great surprise when government’s all time ally MQM denied to support the PPP in the parliament on the NRO issue. Also PML (N) and PML (Q) got joined on this issue. Both opposition parties are opposing this Ordinance. President Zardari, who is the biggest beneficiary of this notorious Ordinance could not expect this, and he had to ask his party to take the NRO approval issue back from the floor of National Assembly.

Now if the parliament does not approve this notorious Ordinance, it will be nullified and the cases, those were taken back against the culprits by the worst dictator of Pakistan, Pervaiz Musharraf, will reopen for the hearing. So now the PPP is in a real difficult position when noone is going to support the party on this issue. Zardari has put his party in a terrible position. Time will tell what happens next….


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