Recent suicidal attacks in Pakistan

International Islamic University, Islamabad

International Islamic University, Islamabad

Last week the wild terrorists attacked many locations, including the innocent students (including females) of International Islamic University, Islamabad. After this attack which claimed 6 precious lives, provincial governments of Pakistan ordered to close the educational institutions for one week. This is a real sad and alarming situation that now even the teachers and students are not safe. It shows how much concern these so called JIHADEES (Islamic fighters) have for Islam. Islam has made it compulsary for each Muslim male and female to get education. But these illiterate and uneducated rascals are killing the innocent students… For What??? Will this help Islam in anyway???

Terrorists will insha Allah get defeated. The only thing we need is the UNITY and COMMITMENT. The terrorists are just choosing HELL (Jahannum) for themselves as Allah knows very well what they are doing.

Long Live Pakistan!


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