Pakistan in a terrible situation

Iran - a Friend Country of Pakistan

Iran - a Friend Country of Pakistan

Pakistan is now facing the worst time in its history. Some days back a suicide attack took place in Iran. They put its responsibility on Pakistan. The interesting yet strange thing is that their President Mahmood Ahmedi Nijad blamed Pakistan, USA and UK for planning this attack together. Now the time has come that our brother Islamic country Iran, who always had very strong relations with us, is also balaming us for the killings of their citizens. We must take this issue very seriously and should immediately reject the Kerry Luger Bill (aid) and raise our heads as an honourable Muslim nation.


One comment

  1. No doubt
    Pakistan is suffering from worst condition. It’s a time for each Pakistani to realize the situation and make a peaceful environment, as per their capability n efforts being a volunteer by participations. I am sorry to say if Pakistani nation do not become a civilized nation in the world then for the achievement of peaceful atmosphere neighbor countries will get chance to do any thing against of Pakistan.
    There is no one to be blamed charged except Pakistan and its nation

    Ismail Ajaz khayaal

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