Geo TV promoting unethical things….

Today (6 Oct. 09) I happened to watch a Drama on Geo TV, which has very unpleasant title ‘Buri Aurat’ meaning Bad Woman. This drama is wrtitten by Javed Fazil  and is a production of Evernew Entertainment. In this drama one actress is shown married with Farhan Ali Agha but in affair with Actor Asad. She fights with her husband and later leaves his home without divorce. Her mother wants to guide her but she snubs her strongly to keep away from her own daughter’s affair. Later she leaves her home and shifts with Asad at his home.

The most objectionable act shown on a family TV channel was when she is seen preparing drink (whiskey) for Asad. She also says in a scene to Asad, “I am living with you like a wife without marriage, therefore we should not worry for the wedding”. This is indeed a shameful act of Geo TV, that is already working on an agenda to spread “bai-hayai” (vulgarity) in the Pakistani society by showing such things. We strongly condemn this thing. Such things also promote Taliban and other religious terror forces to find excuse for their brutal acts.


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  1. Its really very important issue which must be pondered and realized by entire nation of Pakistan being a representatives of a Muslim country, but I am sorry to say that

    مسجد تو بنا دی شب بھر میں ایماں کی حرارت والوں نے
    من اپنا پرانا پاپی تھا برسوں سے نمازی بن نہ سکا

    Actually what ever we think on daily basis in our routine life, I make it easier to understand that what ever we like to see to achieve or to find in our surrounding we allow, we appreciate and we promote

    I think internally people demand such vulgarities therefore TV and media are courageously supporting them.

    Here I will request to Entire nation of Pakistan to open their eyes and watch in to mirror to find out their real face

    Well-wisher of the peace and prosperity of Pakistan

    Ismail Ajaz (Khayaal)

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