Low quality artificial sweeteners in diet drinks

I have experienced a very unbelievable thing in UAE, which I could never expect from international brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi. In order to satisfy a large number of diet conscious people, both companies have introduced diet drinks like Coca Cola Light, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max. These companies are using artificial sweeteners in these drinks so that people can enjoy the taste. Unfortunately there are more than one type of sweeteners being used. The taste is very good sometimes, whereas it contains a strong odor on the other times. Yesterday I purchased a Coca Cola Light can from a store and experienced very bad taste due to this problem. I could not take more than 2-3 sips and purchased regular Coke can. With Pepsi I also have experienced the same thing in UAE.

Diet Drinks

Diet Drinks

This is not a good practice as it creates a bad repute of the world’s most popular brands in soft drinks. The standard should be maintained by these companies so that their consumers can enjoy while drinking these soft drinks. I hope that if someone from Coke or Pepsi is reading this article they will definitely highlight this issue and try to solve it.


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