Ramadan in Pakistan :(

I am writing in grief today about the situation faced by the people living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Ramadan is being celebrated throughout the country and almost all the Muslims are fasting in this holy month. Our traders and shopkeepers are also trying to earn the maximum profit inspite of earning the sawab (rewards of good deeds). They have produced artificial shortfall in the supply of sugar. Poor people have to search for sugar in addition to ‘Laila-tul-Qadar’ which they will search in the last 5 odd nights of Ramadan. In humid weather while fasting, they have to que up in long lines to get the sugar like beggars although they pay for that. I am despressed to see this attitude in an Islamic country. In UAE there are number of promotions and discounts offered by the big stores and outlets. There is no such crisis.

It has come to my information that Government of Pakistan did not allow raising of this issue in the Parliament. Another issue that Pakistani people are facing in this holy month is the long duration electricity loadshedding. One can imagine that a fasting person cannot keep good without air in such hot weather. Government has many other issues to tackle with. Our politians and ex-Army officers are trying their best in proing each others as culprit so that the government cannot find any time for thinking about the poor people. Sugar mill owners include parlimentarians like Hamayon Akhtar and many others who don’t like that their profit should drop down in Ramadan, but they just want to get all the ‘barakaats’ of this holy month in the form of money…..


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