Lahore Food Street

Food Street Gawalmandi, Lahore

Food Street Gawalmandi, Lahore

Unfortunately in Pakistan, our leaders cannot see their poor countrymen enjoying and recreating. Lahore Food Street was established about 9 years ago with the efforts of Mr. Kamran Lashari, that time Director of Parks and Horticulture Authority Punjab. It was one of the mostly visited tourism sites in Lahore. One could get all types of continental and traditional dishes on his table no matter where he wanted to sit in the Food Street. Shops and houses on its sides were given beautiful touch with lights and decoration. Punjab Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif order to close this beautiful spot after coming in power. The reason was just that he felt smell of Musharraf and Pervaiz Illahi coming out of this place, just because this venue ‘unfortunately’ was selected during their government.

We highly condemn this decision and want to tell Shahbaz Sharif that he has played with the emotions of Lahoris who are live and loving people. Time will tell the present PML (N) government in Punjab that they took a very shameful decision.



  1. yes, Ah-le- Lahore highly condemn this decision of PM Shahbaz Sharif & we Request to Shahbaz Shari, Sir Please establish the FoodStreet Again. its our cultural and Traditional place in lahore & it is our (LAHORIs) identity in all over the world………please think about it as a normal perosn (lahori). ….Bcoze if u love food u…………. u Must love FoodStreet Lahore:) & (mitti dalain Musharraf and Pervaiz Illahi per) ……………..we love our CITY LAHORE…………AND FOODSTREET.

  2. food street was our proudness.and we appeal to cm of punjab please get back identy of lahore.gogi butt is a realy greate.pakistan zindabad.

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