MQM committed to stand with Musharraf

MQM Terroists firing openly on 12 May 2007 in KarachiFor last 3-4 days, Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has come up with a new plan to divert public attention from Pervaiz Musharraf’s expected trial. They have started propagating that Nawaz Sharif took action against MQM in 1992, in which their 15,000 workers got killed. Now they are asking Nawaz Sharif to reply for this. It’s a pre-planned game being played with the full back support of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). People of Pakistan still remember that Naseer Ullah Babar played a major role in crushing MQM during the PPP rule in early 90,s. People also remember what this killing political party did on 12th May 2007 in Karachi when dismissed Chief Justice of Pakistan landed at Karachi airport. If MQM is very neat and clean why their Quaid (head) Altaf Hussain does not come back to Pakistan instead of living in London for last 16-17 years.

In actual MQM wants that Pakistan Muslim League (N) must stop their movement against Musharraf, in which they are demanding the National Assembly for taking action against him for dismissing the constitution of Pakistan. Insha Allah a day will come when Musharraf will have to pay for his sins.



  1. well i dont understand why nawaz sharif ran away when he lost his govt and didnt come back until there had some reconciliation assured. why wasnt he bringing his ass back to pakistan to face the trial. If nawaz is so neat and clean why dont he answer the qs raised by MQM. Secondly 12th may thing i donno what u ppl are made up of. I am sure u r not fom khi and u wernt there on 12th may, MQM are not the only ppl creating that mess if they were then why would they loose their 14 workers on that day. MQM fom the very first day is saying that they want full investigation on 12th may thing as they also seek justice. Thirdly if you come to khi you will realise who is the real culprit in khi these days. The kabza mafia mainly comprise of ppl of NWFP origin. The drug mafia forget abt khi go any where in pakistan and the drug dealer u gonna find will be some from from the province mentioned above. The talibans again from the same province. The dacoits i recently had a robbery in my house and all them robbers were from NWFP as they were communicating in pushto . The PIMPS ( you know very well where they come from). The pedophiles etc etc and yes the water mafia go read the newspapers you will find how much water is stolen every day in khi using illegal hydrants operated by ppl from NWFP. On the other hand MQM has given us some one like Mustafa Kamal who is at least doing some thing for us. Stop blaming MQM for just every thing. If Altaf Hussain is in London its just because we dnt want him to be here. Ask Zardari to sign the same reconciliation thing with him as well first like GEN Rtd Musharaf did with culprits like nawaz who ran away into the laps of arab shaikhs after looting the country’s treasury.

    And i think it was Nawaz and his lootas who first raided the supreme court just because it took a decision against him. Why is nawaz so quite abt Abul Qadeer khan why doesnt he start a movement to set him free. Why is he not bothered abt dr AFIA ? .

  2. Just answer one thing… Why MQM does not say a single word against Musharraf who handed over 100’s of innocent Pakistanis to USA, killed Bugti and many in Lal Masjid? Why does MQM keep silent on Dr. Aafia’s issue? Why does MQM remain silent in case of Justice Iftikhar???

    AAJ TV showed clear footage of MQM culprits opening fire alongside with the so called security agencies on 12th May in Karachi. What can you say about it???? Why Mr. Altaf Hussain is supporting the Qadianis??? Why did he dismiss Dr. Aamir Liaqat when Dr. Sahib raised his voice against Salman Rushdi (Gustakh-e-Rasool) in Aalim Online???

    Brutal face of MQM and Altaf is clear. Nawaz at least never ordered his members to kill even a single innocent person. You people are against him just because he is from Punjab and you are trying to create racism by writing against Pathans. There are culprits in every nation. I know Urdu speaking people who robbed my Urdu Speaking Auntie on road in Karachi… Mobile phone snatching in Karachi is also done under MQM’s orders. Same thing also started in Lahore after opening of MQM offices here.

  3. well my next comment dosnt seem to appear on ur post . I m sure u havnt blocked me have u ?

  4. I have not blocked you at all. However you must write sensible things if you want me to publish your posts. I cannot allow promoting racism…

  5. well brov i dont think i promoting racism by any means. My recent post contained ans to all your qs’s … I was just trying to point out what we ppl of karachi face every day and why we vote for MQM and ITS NOT ONLY MQM tha do all the bad things there are other parties who promotes racism in the country and do bad stuff but no one talks abt them not even sensible and moderate ppl like you. I would reckon you to do ur full research on the role of ANP and what kind of activities they are involved in karachi

  6. hahaha lol u still havnt posted my comment although i tailored it so that u dnt find it racist.

    And you have also removed the comment containing info abt one of ur beloved PML (n) MNA who was involved in beating up a college principal just cuz his associate’s son cudnt score enough point to secure a seat there and yes dnt forget the cr card scam and wat minister for jail (again from pml (n) ) did on the airport.


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