New York: The Movie

New York: the movie

New York: the movie

Last week I got a chance to watch Bollywood movie New York. The story is based on Indo-American Muslims who are captured by the US FBI after 9/11 incident, just because they were Muslims. John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Nithil Neil and Irfan Khan have given great performances in their roles. Film Director has done a great effort by giving a message that terrorism provokes due to unjust treatment of FBI with the innocent people, who are caught because of their religious beliefs only, without any solid evidence against them. Locations and characterisation is awesome.

Two beautifully shot melodious songs ‘Mere Sang’ and ‘Hey Junoon’ add to the grace of movie..



  1. I am 100 % agree with Mr.Shahid Javed’s statement
    American in my eyes are at the top of the world, as par their claim n behavior which they always try to demonstrate about them self time to time in ever where that they are the most civilized peoples in entire world and they are peace maker, their slogan is a “peace” let’s agree upon them for a moment they say truth then its just not enough to agree upon them, we need their justice, their great dealing ,their behavior, their attitude without any discrimination with entire world being a great country which is having those peoples who belong to entire world, in other sense let me say that America is not a country it’s a mini world. If any class or community is suffered in America means all the world is suffering in the hot water

    New York movie is a message to entire world to ponder, how peoples are turned to become a terrorist even though they don’t want to do any thing wrong deliberately, if you watch this movie carefully then you will find out people who are convicted as a terrorist are the best talented constructive positive approach and thought’s people in the society

    O America love to peoples of entire world, you will surprise to see the love of entire world with you yes just only with you

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