Dr. Shahid Masood in action in ‘Meray Mutabiq’

Dr. Shahid Masood in 'Meray Mutabiq'

Dr. Shahid Masood in 'Meray Mutabiq'

On Sunday 26th July, Dr. Shahid Masood presented a very good episode of his popular Geo TV documentary programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’. He focussed on the recent notice of Supreme Court of Pakistan issues to General (retd.) Pervaiz Musharraf in which he has been invited to defend his imposing of the notorious Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) on 3rd November 2007.

Dr. Shahid Masood commented that USA would be doing the same with Musharraf that he did with other such dictators, like Saddam Hussain, Raza Shah Pehlvi, Marcos and many others. Then he showed the scenes from Iran when people came out on the roads against the dictator king Mr. Raza Shah Pehlvi asking for his quit. The king wanted help from USA, Panama and Egypt, but none of these countries provided him the shelter and he died in Cairo later. Some parts of his last interview to a French anchorman were also shown, in which the King was looking very dishearted.

Dr. Shahid also interviewed Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi, one of the loyal friends of Musharraf. Dr. Niazi could not reply Dr. Shahid’s questions properly and finally admitted that Musharraf took unconstitutional step on 3rd November 2007 and in reality it was a ‘martial law’.

Dr. Shahid Masood concluded that it was the time for Musharraf’s trial for all his unfair acts during his unconstitutional reign. He added that Musharraf’s future would not be very different from Raza Shah Pehlvi and other dictators.


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  1. dr. shahid sahib aj kal ap nazar nai aty kia musam garm hogia hy. or kiray makoray bahar nikal ay hain. kia inthabat k naz deek benazir ki moot ka alzam kuch partian zardari par lagain gi? jis say ppp titar bitar ho jay gi? jawab

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