For my Brother: Majid Javed

Majid Javed - who left us too soon!

Majid Javed - who left us too soon!

25 June 2009 was the worst day in my life. I was in Dubai working in my office when I heard the saddest news of my younger brother’s untimely demise. I was caught by severe depression and my mind stopped working. Majid was born on 28 September 1981 in Lahore. He can be regarded as the brightest star in our whole family. He was always a brilliant person and had a very beautiful personality. Due to his friendly nature he always won hearts of his friends and people around him. Majid had a native English accent and scored Band 9.0 in IELTS Spoken English Section.

Majid was always very good in studies and he got BIT degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia. He remained in Australia for about 2.5 years and came back to Pakistan in 2004. Due to his very fast brain, he started suffering from a complex disease known as Bipolar Disease (Multiple Personality Disorder). His brain ran about 20 times faster than an ordinary intelligent brain. He fought for about 5 years with this irrecoverable disease. Majid was the heart and soul of all cousins. He always played great role in entertaining them during their weddings and get togethers. Unfortunately his two marriages broke down due to his disease. Finally he left this world on 25 June. He left a message for his great and ideal father Dr. Javed A. Aziz saying, “Dad, please tell this world after my departure that your son was not a bad person”. Majid left his parents, brothers and their families in great grief. His funeral was attended by hundreds of his friends, colleagues and relatives. He was laid down in DHA Lahore Graveyard by famous poet/columnist Mr. Khalid Masood Khan. May Allah bless his soul in Jannah. Amin!



  1. Majid
    May Allah bestow you peace n blessing and Jannat ul Firdaus

    You are living in the heart of people, once you met to one could not forget you, because you had a tremendous talent like magic to capture any one’s heart with out any difficulty or any resistance ,you were the conquer of hearts, I say you an Alexander of heart winner

    I pray for you to have your rest of infinitive life successful n peaceful

    Ismail ajaz khayaal

  2. Majed is one of those personalities who always live in hearts.

  3. Maria, you are true. We all loved him because of his very good nature. Its an irrecoverable loss indeed.

  4. I was just browsing for some data regarding my work that I suddenly came accross this. Its is very sad to know about the sad demise of shining star Majid Javed. May Allah keep his soul in eternal peace and give all his family and friends fortitude to bear this loss. Death is a transition, its not end of life, in words of poet, yaani aagy brhyn gy dum ley kr….

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