Karachi: City of Lights or a Dark City?


Karachi at night

Karachi at night

Karachi is not only the largest city of Pakistan, but is also the business capital of the country. Karachi is termed as Mini Pakistan as people from all over Pakistan have settled here for jobs.

This beautiful and modern city is called “City of Lights (روشنیوں کا شہر)”. Unfortunately for last many hours this great cosmopolitan city has turned into a Dark City. Due to mismanagement of Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation (KESC), the electricity feeders tripped and till now more than 80% of the city is experiencing the worst electricity shut down. As usual our so called democratic government has not taken this issue very seriously, which may spark up the annoyance in the residents of Karachi. It is not only affecting the general public but also the industrial sector, which is already not doing well due to electricity load shedding, and lack of business from foreign countries due to recession and terrorism. Sindh Government must take serious action against the responsible KESC officials whose negligence has turned the City of Lights into a Dark City. Government must make sure that no such incident should ever be repeated again. I hope that electricity in Karachi will be restored before evening and residents of this great city will enjoy watching the T-20 World Cup Semi Final match between Pakistan and South Africa on their TV screens.



  1. i love karachi i liket people 3 years ago i was in karachi but thear is nice city karachi is my fevorite city.

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