Racism everywhere!!!!!

racismI was very sad to hear that in Melbourne, Australia some Aussie people attacked innocent Indian students. This is not anything new, especially in Australia. They are the people who give us immigration after we prove ourselves by meeting their very strict requirements. In these requirements, one is about recognition of our skills and job experience. After getting the immigration, when we go there, they people start RACISM. They say “We cannot offer you any job as you don’t have Australian experience”. Same thing happened with me and instead of having 5 year job experience and M.Sc. Environmental Engineering degree I could not get a job…

But unfortunartely, racism is everywhere. Even if you go to a night club or Disco, you will see racism. White skinned people can dance with any lady, whereas there is hardly any lady who will agree to dance with brown or black skinned people even if she herself is black skinned. Similarly people in the Gulf countries are paid based on their nationality or passport. I fear that these things will creat a great drift between the peoples of different countries in the near future and this world will no more be a peaceful place to live. We must fight against the racism at every level and show our support to those who are suffering because of it.



  1. It is something in human nature that I think stops him seeing others leading in the competetion. We seek an excuse to beat back, sometimes it takes the form of Rascism. But the tolerance of a society to others shows its maturity. We belong to a civilisation we are not barbarian. Australia, Arab, Us, Europe or anywhere else people should not forget that they are human first.

  2. I agree that racism is still in the world, but you cannot say that Australia is a racist nation. Sure i respect the fact that there are some racist people in Australia, but it is a massive generalisation to say that Australia itself is racist.
    There are strict immigration laws because there has to be. And with the jobs, look at all the Australians that are unemployed.
    You can talk about racism all you want, but don’t make Australia seem to be a racist nation.

  3. I appreciate your point of view. Definitely Australia is a great nation. However unfortunately some bad experiences made me feel like this. Thanks for your info sharing. I also love AUSTRALIA.

  4. If you look carefully, you’ll find most of the racism in the US comes from most racist groups: Irish, Scots-Irish, Scottish and English. Among them, some would rather stay impoverished if improving their situation also means a non-white person’s situation is improved. Most of the white ethnics in Australia come from England, Scotland and Ireland. They have a long history of the most incorrigible racism. The Spanish, Portuguese, French and other Europeans are not nearly as bad. They’ve all had colonies where they mixed and mingled with non-whites. English colonies, on the other hand, stayed Lilly white.

  5. “they people start RACISM” and then “M.Sc. Environmental Engineering degree”

    An engineering degree and he writes (speaks) like that? Don’t think I would have hired him either, and I used to shine shoes for money when I was 11.

  6. Everyone is racist in this world, including most Indians. And, I, being an Indian speak from personal experience. It is easy to point fingers at others.

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