Shakti: A great Bollywood film


Shakti: A clash of two giants

Shakti: A clash of two giants

Shakti can be regarded as a memorable movie from Bollywood. This is the only film made in which two great superstars Dileep Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan were cast. There is no other movie in which they both performed against one another. Story is about a small family. Dileep is Husband and Rakhee Gulzar is wife. Amitabh Bachchan is their only son. Dileep Sahib has played role of an honest policeman, who is too much loyal with his department. Amitabh Bachchan feels that his father does not love him and always supports the law extra ordinarily. The relation between the two is main root of the story. Samita Patel has played rols of Amitabh’s beloved wife. This is a must see movie as you will find both Dileep Kumar and Amitabh at their peak. However Indian Filmfare award for best actor was awarded to Dileep Kumar on his performance in this movie. Climax of the movie is just awesome when Amitabh dies in his father’s arms who had fired bullets on his own son in order to perform his duty honestly. Dialogues between the two giants in that scene are one of the best in the Indian film history. Songs of the movie are also very good. It is a treat to watch this movie….


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