Lahore: My lovely city

DHA LahoreI belong to Lahore basically, which is the second largest city of Pakistan. It is the capital of Punjab Province and has a population of around 9 million people. Due to my job in UAE I have been living in Dubai for last 1.5 years. I really miss Lahore, which is a cultural place where you find very good restaurants, lush green parks, crowded bazaars and arts centres.

Recently I was in Lahore for 10 days. I was amazed to see some new things that have given a new look to this great city. I enjoyed a lot at Gloria Jeans Coffees outlet in Defence Housing Authority. It is an Australian brand. The way the management has decorated the outlet is highly appreciable. I also got very much impressed by the recent development in Lahore. Shahbaz Sharif (Chief Minister) has done a great job and roads of Lahore have been improved a lot. Due to this, now there is hardly any dust in the air. Other good point is that the new traffic police is doing a great job in controlling the traffic of this metropolitan city. Citizens of Lahore are very happy from their attitude and performance.

Rescue 1122 is the service for which we must appreciate the former Chief Minister, Mr. Pervaiz Ellahi. This emergency service responds on emergencies and reach immediately where their is fire or someone’s life is in danger. Their good conditioned ambulances and fire brigades are helping the people of Lahore.

Hypermarkets are also opening their big branches in the city and people of Lahore are ready to welcome such new developments. I am hopeful that insha Allah very soon Pakistan will come out of terrorism and Lahore will once again be a hot spot for the tourists.



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