On my 36th Birthday


It’s 20th April 2009. Today I am celebrating my 36th birthday. If I look back into my past, I am surprised that what a variety of lifestyles I have been experiencing from time to time. If I start writing it will take lot of time and space. Therefore to cut short, I would like to discuss those who have brightened up my life with their love, care and sincerity.

I am thankful to Allah Who provided me with very good cousins and friends in my life. I cannot put all names here but the most sincere of them include Tahir Ali, Farrukh, Shahrukh (Sherry), late Ehtisham, Fahad, Imran (Multan), Nadia & Rizwan, Saima & Atika, Burhan, Ali Murad, Sheraz, Zafar Iqbal, Aamir Hashmi and two exceptional persons M. Ashfaq and Ismail Ajaz.

My great parents always support me. They stood beside me whenever I needed them. My father supported me when I chose to play and compose music. My brothers Rashid and Majid love me a lot and always encourage me. Today I want to thank everyone who supported me in my bad days. My wife served me in the best way when my leg was broken in 2004 and she always gives me lot of respect. Rania, Faraz, Sarah and Aleeza (my and my brother’s kids) have made our lives much more colourful.

Today I am also remembering some beautiful old Urdu/Hindi songs that have become part of my sweet memories. They include:

·           Naa Maangoon Sona Chandi (نہ مانگوں سونا چاندی)

·           Mayn Shaair Tou Nahin (میں شاعر تو نہیں)

·           Terey Chehray Se Nazar Nahin Hat-ti (تیرے چہرے سے نظر نہیں ہٹتی)

·           Meray Naina Sawan Bhadoun  (میرے نیناں ساون بھادوں)

·           Mayn Pal Dou Pal Ka Shaair Hoon (میں پل دو پل کا شاعر ہوں)

·           Ik Pyar Ka Naghma Hay(اِک پیار کا نغمہ ہے)

·           Jaan-e-Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha(جانِ جاں ڈھونڈتا پھر رہا)

·           Disco Deewanay(ڈسکو دیوانے)

·           Aao Naa Pyar Karain(آؤ نہ پیار کریں)

·           Shaam Se Pehlay Aana(شام سے پہلے آنا)

·           Zara Chehra Tou Dikhao(ذرا چہرہ تو دکھاؤ)

·           Chandani Raat Hay(چاندنی رات ہے)

·           Bin Teray Sanam(بن تیرے صنم)

·           Meri Chooner Urr Urr Jaaye(میری چُنر اُڑ اُڑ جائے)

·           Likhay Jo Khat Tujhay(لکھے جو خط تجھے)

·           Neelay Neelay Amber Per(نیلے نیلے امبر پر)

·           Tu Jo Chalay Saath Saath(تو جو چلے ساتھ ساتھ)

·           Yaro Yehi Dosti Hay(یارو یہی دوستی ہے)

·           Ye Shaam Phir Nahin Aaye Gi(یہ شام پھر نہیں آئے گی)

·           Yaad Kia Dil Ne Kahan Hou Tum(یاد کیا دل نے کہاں ہو تم)


One comment

  1. May Allah bestow you a peaceful successive life which always assist you to achieve your ambitious goals. You shine around the world like a SUN who every day rises to warm up and activate dead lives by eliminating darkness through bright day light
    Love for your love and being a friend in your tremendous fantabulous life
    Ismail Ajaz Khayal

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