PML-N not joining the Federal Government

It was anticipated by many that after the restroration of the judiciary and decision in the favour of Sharif Brothers for contesting the elections, PML-N will join the PPP led Federal Government. However the expectations went down and Nawaz Sharif announced that his party will not join PPP in the federal. However, he said the PPP can join the Punjab Government.

This has created a havoc in the country, which is already facing too many crisis. It seems that PML-N wants PPP to fight alone with the present hard crisis. In this way they can got to the people for vote in the next elections by telling that they were not happy with the PPP policies on important issues. Being a politician, Nawaz Sharif may be doing very good, but in my opinion at this stage when Balochistan and Swat are in real problem, unity is the need of time. PPP and PML-N must work together for saving our beloved country.


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