Pakistani students in UK facing state terrorism


Just about a week ago British police arrested 10 Pakistani university students and one British-Pakistani citizen in Manchester, Liverpool and Lanchshire. They are accused for planning the terror attacks in UK. Till now police has failed to find any proof which can show that the students have been involved in any criminal activity.

Its indeed a shameful act that now UK law enforcement agencies are allowed to arrest anyone without any solid reasons. These boys are just students who are paying high universities fees for getting higher education so that they can excel in their professional life. Their parents could afford their studies so they send these boys to UK for studies.

As usual, our government’s response has been very week on this issue and till now they are only planning to get information on this issue. Such an action by the UK Government will affect their credibility and in the future there would be a negative impression of them on the international Muslim (or Pakistani) students who would think twice to peruse their higher studies in UK. This matter needs to be investigated seriously, and if any police official are found guilty strict action must be taken against them.



  1. spacey…i totally disagree with your statement….
    if u go into detail,u will come to know that they were collecting money to pay for universities and for that they were working somewhere…if UK make education free for them ,than they will surely report to university.

  2. and if they were planning something wrong than why police is not able to find any prove and arresting them with lame reasons?

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