My Friend in need: Muhammad Ashfaq

Muhammad Ashfaq - My friend in need

Muhammad Ashfaq - My friend in need

Today I am going to write for someone who is very special in my life. There is a saying “A friend in need is the friend indeed”. Muhammad Ashfaq is my best friend and feel proud for having such a nice and sincere person in my life. Ashfaq (also known as CNN by his University friends) became my friend in 1993, when we both started taking our B.Sc. Civil Engineering class at University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore. Due to his lively nature, he became very close to me in the early days of our first year class.

Today it has been more than 16 years since we became friends. Ashfaq is a real great person with a great sense of humor. He can bring smiles on sad faces and can adjust with any situation. I cannot remember when I was admitted in the hospital for an operation of my right broken leg in Lahore in 2004 and Ashfaq was in London for his studies. The man called me on my mobile phone and asked if I needed any monitary help. He assured me that he was there to support me as long as I had to remain jobless. He has been supporting me all the way. I always found him whenever I was in some problem.

Also I can never forget when I introduced him to my spouse on his returning from UK. I had told her about Ashfaq in detail and she said, after meeting him, that I was really lucky for having such a sincere person in my life.

I wish Ashfaq every happiness and success in his life and pray to Allah to bless Ashfaq with everything he wishes for.


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