Controversial video of Taliban torturing a girl

On 3rd April 2009, many TV channels of Pakistan showed a mobile phone made video, in which a veiled young girl was being beaton with lashes. She was turned upside down on ground and two men were holding her hands and feet, while a third man, with beard, was beating her on back with lashes. Many men were also shown standing and watching the scene silently.

It has been reported that the incident took place in Swat where the lady was punished as per Sharia law after knowing that she had gone out of home with her father-in-law.

Unfortunately, this sad and brutal incident once again hit non other than Islam. There is no such teaching in this greatest religion that going out of a woman with her father-in-law is a sin. Father-in-law is just like the real father as he is not allowed to marry his daughter-in-law ever. Uneducated people are doing such acts for opening criticism against the Islamic teachings. It seems that its a conspiracy against the peace pact between the Pakistani government and Taliban, who just wanted the implementation of Sharia law in Swat valley.

Some religious personalities of Swat have come up with a view that the incident did not take place at all in Swat and it seems that it has been done with a planned mind to make people furious against the religious bodies in Swat. People yesterday held out protesting demonstrations allover the country, in which they held banners and placards highlighting their anger over the incident. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken action against this incident and has formed a judicial committee to probe the matter. We hope that the picture will be clear very soon and the culprits would be brought to the justice.



  1. Thanks for seeking my permission. It shows strong moral values. You are most welcome to publish it on your site.

  2. Shahid, My pal your potrayal of Islam or Pakistani form of Islam is really so pathetic as you are not willing to accept the fact that Pakistan as a country has been exposed to various forms of chaos starting from drugs, money laudering, theft of government funds in the name of fighting terrorism, hate teachings in suppot of fight against India and other forms of anti Islamic policies. To say the least the rulers of the country are searching in the dark for solutions to your own homemade problems. Lets see how Islam will protect this country from ruining themselves hoping for going to heaven where virgins are in waiting-I feel sad for the inncoent people who are being fooled with such gimmicks. Islam in reality is a very tolerant and loving religion that Pakistan like countries are polluting theough their substandard level of understanding.Good luck to that fateful country.

  3. Dear Ash,
    I have never written anything that creates misunderstanding about Islam. Please read it again. I have tried my best to explain that there is no such concept in Islam that allows insulting a woman in public. Pakistan is definitely undergoing crisis and we love our country therefore are worried for what is going there.

  4. You see that? Islam, Muslims, Arabs, are evil, barbaric, and must be emliminated from this planet! How can they torture people and live in the dark ages? They all must die. DIE!

  5. I am not amazed to read such stupid statements. If 1% people (so called Muslims) are doing a mistake, can the whole Muslim community be blamed for that.

    Now see what you so called DEVELOPED, OPEN MINDED and MODERATE people are doing in USA. Read below how your OHIO state Police disgraced an innocent lady when she was accused for presenting her dead sister’s driving license to the Police.

    County, Ohio police are under investigation over the use of excessive
    force for strip-searching Hope Steffey. Yet, this is not the only case
    in recent months of what is being deemed as an illegal strip-search.

    The department is also facing accusations by three young teenage
    girls ages 14, 15 and 16 that say that they too were illegally
    strip-searched on May 18, 2007 for what the officers deemed as being
    for “their own safety.”

    Its an eye-opener for people like you…..

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