Iffat Omer performed extra ordinary in a Geo TV Play

Iffat OmerI usually don’t watch TV Dramas (plays) but on Thursday I turned on Geo TV around 8:00 pm. It was a single episode play Libaas (لباس) being telecast. Iffat Omer was performing the role of a house wife, who had been having a 5 year married life with her husband Faisal Rehman. The couple had no child. Faisal’s mother was told by the couple that Iffat was incapable (medically unfit) of conceiving a child. The truth was that in original Faisal was medically unfit. However in order to keep his respe+ct, Iffat had requested him not to tell the fact to anyone including her monther in law.

Faisal’s mother had only one son and wanted to see him having kids, so she asked her friend to find some girl for her son so that she can marry him to a another lady and they can have their kids. Faisal at this point tried to tell the truth to her mother, but Iffat did not agree to do so.

Later, an accident happened and two robbers entered their home when Faisal was on a tour. One of them raped Iffat. She went into great depression. Her mother in law and Faisal also showed strange behaviour towards her and stopped talking to her.

Iffat got pregnant all of a sudden. Her mother in law did not know about her son’s medical condition so she thought that it was his baby in her womb. However both husband and wife knew the reality. At this stage Faisal’s mother gave a harsh ruling that he must have divorced Iffat without any delay as she had become fouled after the rape incident. Iffat, though totally depressed, suggested her husband that she would like to quit if it was their wish. However she suggested him that the born kid must hava been kept by Faisal so that he would face no embarassement in front of his mother and new wife.

At this point, Faisal broke up and shouted in front of his mother that he was responsible for not having kids. He added that Iffat had kept this secret for seven years and after that now it was his duty to keep her secret for the whole life and give his name to the child.

It was a very good story written by Syed Wasi Shah and Iffat’s performance was just awesome. She showed that she has a real talent of acting. We wish her a good career ahead.


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