President Zardari: Second Musharraf for Pakistan

Two worst presidents of Pakistan

Two worst presidents of Pakistan

True analysis of the present PPP led government will not surprise anyone if it is regarded as a sequential of Musharraf government. President Zardari is considering himself as a superpower and thinks that he can do anything at anytime without being answerable to anyone. This is the same attitude that brought the worst disrepute for Musharraf in 8 years. Unfortunately, Zardari did not learn any lesson from his predecessor and brought himself in the same position in just a year after getting the power. He is being fooled by his fellow advisors and ministers including Mr. Rehman Malik, Mr. Farooq Naik, Mr. Salman Taseer, Ms. Shazia Murree and Mr. Babar Awan. Prime Minister Gillani is facing lot of criticism for his silence over Zardari’s worst policies. Zardari has always spoken lie openly. He promised to restore the 1973 constitution and remove the 17th amendment, but after sitting on the seat of president, he refused to do so. He also had signed agreement with Nawaz Sharif for restoring the deposed judges including the Chief Justice Iftikhar, but he declined to do thiso as he fears that after his restoration, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry would declare the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) illegal and Zardari would be asked to bring his money back into Pakistan from the Swiss banks. Zardari, earlier in an interview, said that his promises were just for the political goals and they must not have been taken as the words of Quran or Ahadeeth (sayings of Prophet Muhammad-pbuh). PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif has emerged as a real mature politician at this time. He has pledged to support the lawyers’ movement and has got maximum popularity among the people of Pakistan. PML-Q has also started rethinking about their merger with Zardari’s hijacked PPP, because this decision can bring them into a pitiful situation that they cannot afford at this time. Now Zardari has blocked the transmission of Geo TV all over Pakistan, just like Musharraf. As a protest to this Information Minister Ms. Sherry Rehman resigned from her post. Mr. Raza Rabbani has already resigned. This shows that Zardari is losing the game. He also has ordered police to capture lawyers, and political workers and leaders to fail the Long March but the March has already been declared as successful as government fears from its consequences. Yesterday (13 March 2009) Chief of Army Staff, General Ishfaq Kiani also met both President and Prime Minister for advising them to resolve the present issues, but Zardari did not agree to do so, and now each eye is focussed towards General Kiani that what he would do.


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