Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team

3 March 2009: A black day for the Cricket and also for Pakistan. Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore was coming to the Qaddafi Stadium from their hotel to play on the 3rd day of the second test match against the host Pakistan. When their bus reached the Liberty Roundabout, just about 700 metres away from the stadium, unknown terrorists appeared and opened the fire on the bus and petroling Police squad.

Terrorists firing in Lahore

Terrorists firing in Lahore

Inspite of the unrest security condition in Pakistan, no specific measures were taken by the security enforcing agencies to avoid such bad incident that has put Pakistan in a big problem as now no international players will come to Pakistan. Five policemen and three other died in the attack. Five Sri Lankan players got injured but luckily survived their lives. This is really shameful for all Pakistani nation that our guests have been attacked, which is against the Islamic traditions. Guests have to be respected and protected.

Now investigation are in the way as due to big security lapse, all nine or ten terrorists escaped after firing. They were carrying rocket launchers and klashenkoves. They used motorcycle and rickshaw as their transport vehicles. It is the time for our government to find these terrorists at any cost. They must be hanged in front of public so that all others can get a clear message that no terrorisn will be allowed in Pakistan at any cost. Also all the political parties must come together by putting their differences aside to help the government at this critical stage…



  1. This was a sad event indeed for the whole world. But even more sad is that some sources are trying to suggest that india was behind this attack. We should all work together to end terrorism with full cooperation and sincerity rather than tossing blame around.People, please do not fall victim to politicians who want to mislead you for their personal benefit.And this holds true whether you are in Pakistan,India,USA or wherever.

  2. this incident could not have come at a worse time for Pakistan since the country is already struggling with their international image

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