Is our present better than the past???

Are we really happy???

Are we really happy???

I was born in 1973 in Multan, Pakistan. That was a simple time. There were no mobile phones, no computers, no internet, and no DVD’s at all. There were very few cars, owned by upper class families. However, most of the families had scooters and motor cycles. After a few years some well-of families purchased VCR’s. Audio CD’s were there, which were too expensive to purchase and were found with very rich families. There was no concept of bottled water and people used to drink water from the municipality water supply, but they kept good health in general.

People at that time loved to welcome guests inspite of low income and there was no race for the money. Noble families were respected by all. PTV was the only TV channel that used to start telecasting programmes at 3:30 pm everyday till 12:00 midnight.

Girls always used to wear Shalwar Qameez with proper dupatta, which increased their grace. There was no concept of wearing any jeans or pants even in the modern families.

Now we have everything around us but no time for our friends and family members. We have started to run behind money and status, and we are forgetting the teachings of Islam. Our politicians speak lies openly and shamelessly and those who take the right path get into too many problems.

We must change our way of living and remember that we can remain happy only by adopting simple life….. It does not mean that we should stop using mobile phones or internet….but simply that we must spend some of our precious time with our loving ones. Also we must thank Allah (swt) everyday 5 times for giving us unlimited facilities.


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