New political battle to start in Pakistan

New Political Battle

New Political Battle

Yesterday Nawaz Sharif shook the whole Pakistani political scene when he was addressing the PML-N General Council meeting in Raiwind. He told that there was an agreement between President Zardari and Ex-president Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf due to which PPP Government is bound to give indemnity to the unconstitutional steps of Musharraf. As per his view, PML-N Leader added that he never bowed down his head in frontof Army Generals. Nawaz gave a call to all Pakistani people to come and join the Long March and Sit-In on 16 March 2009.

These statements have arised at a very crucial time, when Supreme Court is hearing the case of Sharif Brothers’ aligibility forcontesting the elections and the decision is just about to come in a week period. Harsh statements by Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer are pointing towards a decision against Sharif Brothers, due to which Punjab Government can be taken away from PML-N. Nawaz Sharif has also announced that their party would attend the Lawyers’ Long March and Sit-In. He added that they were ready to go a step further, if required.

In reply, PPP Leader Qasim Zia has come up with an angry tone. He said that Mr. Nawaz Sharif must have registered an FIR against Musharraf in Punjab, where his party is in government. He added further that they could even arrest Musharraf on entring in Punjab. Now it’s evident that a new political battle is going to start, which will bring something new…… We all are looking towards 16 March,when all Lawyers, Civil Society people and number of political parties will come out on roads for Long March to Islamabad. They are determined that this will bring the CHANGE that is now demand of the whole depressed nation.


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