Nawaz Sharif visits Shujaat over his mother’s death

Yesterday ( 20 Feb. 2009 ) Nawaz Sharif showed his greatness. Mother of PML(Q) president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain expired in Lahore yesterday morning. Nawaz Sahrif, who is againt Chaudhry brothers due to their supporting of ex-President Musharraf when he had dissolved Sharif’s government unlawfully, immediately visited Shujaat at Zahoor Palace, Lahore. With him there were his senior party leaders as well. Sharif stayed there for almost 10 minutes and condoled over the great loss beared by Shujaat.


Sources told that this was first meeting between two leaders in last 10 years. Nawaz set a good example by paying this visit. He showed that parents are above all differences and must be given due respect. We wish that PML(Q) must welcome this gesture and should stop degrading Sharif Brothers in their interviews and statements.

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