Ali Zafar left music???

For last many months we have not seen Ali Zafar performing on any of the

Ali Zafar - the pop vocalist

Ali Zafar - the pop vocalist

TV channels or in concerts…. A friend of mine told me a week ago that the singer left music for good. The reason for his decision was that he was kept captivated by some unknown people for ransom in Lahore. Ali’s family paid the ransom to get him back.

After this sad incident, Ali Zafar decided to keep himself away from the showbiz activities. This is indeed very sad that due to insecurity in Pakitstan, now the artists are unsafe and they feel it better for themselves to live silently. May Allah bring peace in Pakistan…Amin!



  1. Very sad…
    This is the responsibility of government to provide security to the artistes.

  2. As I mentioned a friend told me about it. However its not confirmed. Thats why I put question marks in the title line.

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